A Bastard – You can say anything about the Jews and NBs will believe it.

<<< In the 2002 Russian census, the country’s most recent, 233,000 Russians self-identified as Jews. Jewish leaders here and abroad consider the figure an underestimate, but they can’t agree on the actual figure or how to determine it.>>>

First of all, no Russians ever “self-identified as jews”, as the Russians are a RACE who’re descendants of the Rus, and jews are NOT descendants of the Rus.

Second of all, in 1938, just prior to WWII, the jews claimed there were 3.6 million jews in Russia alone. If there WERE that many THEN, today there would be at least 7.2 million. WHERE, exactly, did the “other” 6,967,000 jews GO??!!


What we have here is yet more proof that the jews LIED about their population, grossly INFLATING it prior to WWII and grossly DEFLATING it afterwards.

And why oh’ why would Russians PERMIT these kikes to remain on their soil knowing what their ancestors did to 66 million Christians in Russia as “Bolsheviks”?

John Knight

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Subject: A Bastard – You can say anything about the Jews and NBs will believe it.

Same thing with Illegal Aliens in USA. There are less than 10 million according to Spanish Survey Company but if you grant them Asylum, there would be 36 million.

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