More Catholic Scandal — Prominent German boys’ choir faces abuse claims

<<< are you saying that faggot kikes cause priests to become faggots? I just read this morning that 40% of Catholic priests are homosexual, altho not practicing homosexuals. The faggot kikes must have been doing a lot of running around the country to indoctrinate this many prospective priests. >>>

No, that’s not at all what the post said. Do you even realize that you have a SERIOUS reading comprehension problem?

What the post said is that even PRIESTS are not immune from prosecution for being faggots, not even in a country like Germany where a large percent ARE Catholics.

What is true, but what is NOT what the post said, is that many “Catholic priests” actually “converted” from “Judaism”. These are not my words, this is what the “church” claims, as if though we aren’t supposed to know that the talMUD prohibits a “jew” from “converting” unless they do so to deceive Christians, under penalty of DEATH.

This would perfectly explain why “40% of Catholic priests are homosexual”, wouldn’t it?

In a CHRISTIAN NATION like Germany where less than 0.8% “identify as gay”, how else can it be explained that faggot priests are over-represented by FIFTY TIMES (50X)?

John Knight

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