A must watch for every American

What about us honkies having freedom FROM niggers?


John Knight

Ps—when our WHITE Founding Fathers said “United we stand, Divided we Fall!” they did NOT include niggers, jews, or latrinos in the equation. You must realize that WHITE men like them will *NEVER* stand together with a nigger!!!!

From: Virginia Brooks [mailto:vareforms1@bright.net]
Sent: Monday, March 01, 2010 8:59 AM
To: vareforms1@bright.net
Subject: A must watch for every American


To All; At least have the guts to listen and think about these words. Your very FREEDOM may depend on them!! Thanks Rick!

United we stand, Divided we Fall!

Subject: This is for all to see!!

This is important for all to see!!! I never get tired of fordwarding this type of message! Thank you!

This video just came out….

"Americans" will love it….

America haters will hate it!!!

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