The Church Destroys Its Own

That’s very interesting information about Himmler, Ger,

Do you think Rudolf Hoess might have been silenced by jew Churchill for the same reason?

What’s interesting about the actual changes of different population groups during WWII is that there were 20 million fewer Orthodox Catholics, 80 million fewer Protestants, but MORE Roman Catholics, and half a million MORE jews:

This would also explain why “our government” would put GERMAN jews rather than WHITE Americans in charge of investigating war atrocities during WWII:


John Knight

The Church Destroys Its Own

<<<For Christ´s sake! I am not defending a bunch of vile shmuels; I am merely putting things into perspective. Ger>>>


This whole argument about how sodomites are somehow better than pedophiles shows just how low on the moral totem pole they can get!

In THIS neck of the woods, a pedophile who abuses someone of the OPPOSITE sex gets a 90 day jail sentence, but a FAGGOT gets a LIFE SENTENCE, plus 108 years, which is [for a faggot], MUCH, MUCH worse than a DEATH sentence.

This is about like saying “oh, I’m not a mass murderer, I’m only a serial killer, and everyone knows how BAD mass murderers are”.


And no, bedunks, don’t take this to mean that PRIESTS who abuse little girls should only get 90 days, because they BETRAYED GOD when they used their position of power and authority like that. STILL, those “priests” who were sexually attracted to those of the SAME sex don’t even deserve honorable mention–just STONED to death in the street.

No wonder it’s always these filthy sodomite edomite kikes pretending to be “jews” who always demand “equality”–they want ALL of the benefits of civilized society with NONE of the responsibilities.

This is called LICENSE, not “gay rights”. It is a CRIMINAL activity, plus a MORTAL sin, not a snivel right.

IF they really want to just pork each other in the privacy of their OWN dark corners, then WHY ON EARTH would they SO VERY PUBLICLY demand that society *recoznize* them by pretending that God joined them together in a PUBLIC MARRIAGE which has ZERO meaning, NO social benefit, and shortens their life expectancy TWO DECADES?


John Knight


<<<Well starting in the gospel according to Russ, chapter 1 verse 1, I am calling myself an apostle. After all if Paul could get away with it then so can I.<?XML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = O />
Russ the latter day apostle!>>>

A billion Protestants and a billion Catholics follow the apostle Paul.

It’s a good bet that you’ll never have more than ten followers, and from these posts it appears that at least half of them still don’t even know what a jew is yet.

Paul DID know what a jew was. If it were not for his writings, none of us would have known, either Catholics or Protestants:


John Knight

ps–just got that email about Sherry Shriner, so it appears that you now have 11 members of your church. Something tells me that there are no more.

Black Exodus poll results

I wish that all the scum-bags would agree to send all of the white people back where they belong, like the head of the class, at the helm and in charge of the civilized world.

And let us not forget at the driving end of a whip, you know, where we belong and where we can do so much good for the benefit of the civilized world that we created.


On Sun, Jan 31, 2010 at 2:28 AM, Jacob Israel <jk> wrote:

<<<That’s okay but I can send the white folks back where they belong too?>>>

Give it a shot.

John Knight

ps–it was only out of misguided Christian charity that our WHITE Founding Fathers didn’t totally exterminate your half nigger savage ancestors when they were cutting the legs of White settlers, impaling their torsos on carts, and rolling them around the teepee so they could be tortured to death. Your class can’t even run bingo parlors without help from the jews, much less organize an exodus of niggers like WE CAN.

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That’s okay but I can send the white folks back where they belong too?

The Fig Tree and DNA

I never thought I’d see the day when How Now Brown Clown would ask a serious question or raise a serious point, but this is exactly what the following is:

<<< I am asking you the 3rd time Russ why was judah in capativity if they were a mixed race and done away with ???

Give me chapter and verse for your not use the mss Jew bible >>>

The answer of course is that if the House of Judah WAS a mixed race of mamzers, they would never have been taken captive, and Shalmanezer would never have bothered to bring in 5 other races to displace them and occupy their former land (including the race which ultimately called itself “jews”, who to this day celebrate Purim at Esther’s and Mordecais’ mausoleum in Hamadan, Iran).

What Don has presented to you, Russ, is PROOF that Judah was NOT a mixed race of mamzers.


John Knight

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David Duke

As if though any White man will ever again believe a LY*ING jew, much less a LYING faggot jew, about anything, we have even more from evil demon:

<<< You mean David Duke the *fag*???>>>

This is character assassination, malicious libel, and malicious slander, all rolled up into one.

This makes you a CRIMINAL on TWO counts now.

John Knight

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David Duke is a perfecr match for Ken Martin.


You mean David Duke the *fag*???

Better get your gender-assignments "straight"!

David Duke - A criminal, bigot, egotist, and closet homosexual. The perfect leader of the flawed, evil white race.
David Duke – A criminal, bigot, egotist, and closet homosexual. The perfect leader of the flawed, evil white race.

BAPTISTS arrested for child trafficking in Haiti!!

<<<And the “Americans” wanted to send these children to IsraHell for organ-harvest.>>>

Why else would these scheming filthy sodomite kikes pretending to be “jews” have their “medical ship” sent to Haiti so quickly?

Where was THAT ship when these pervert freaks destroyed the USS Liberty, or the USS Cole, or the USS Forrestal? “Helping” niglets in AFrica relieve themselves of their organs?

John Knight

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Subject: Re: BAPTISTS arrested for child trafficking in Haiti!!

And the “Americans” wanted to send these children to IsraHell for organ-harvest.

Randulf Johan Hansen¨