Alberto Gonzalez is Smarter than Obama

According to LSAT scores, Hispanics like Alberto who doesn’t understand the US Constitution after getting a law DEGREE from Harvard have a much better understanding of the US Constitution than Blacks like Obama who ALSO got a law DEGREE from Harvard:


Whites = 153

Asians = 152

Mexican = 148

Hispanic =146

Blacks = 142

If you count Gonzo as a Mexican, then he’s only 5 points lower than Whites but 6 points HIGHER than Blacks.

2 thoughts on “Alberto Gonzalez is Smarter than Obama

  1. I didn’t think anybody noticed. Having said that I really wanted to point out that media tends to wash out perspective when presenting statistics.

    Stay well

    1. I’m not sure how many Americans know how we’re being LIED to by those who write Obama’s teleprompter, but thankfully the number seems to be growing. And 91% of the 300,000 who completed a recent poll about repatriating Blacks to Africa agree with one of three different exile options, which is also a good sign.

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